Basketball Backboard Dimensions – All The Data You Need

Exploring the world of basketball backboards can be a bit overwhelming, especially for a person that really wants a regulation size to practice with every day. There are many options a person can choose from, so what are the dimensions for basketball backboards?

The standard dimensions for a basketball backboard are 72 inches wide by 42 inches high. Practicing with regulation backboards is the best way to gain experience, but for children that are just learning, a backboard that is 44 inches wide will be suitable. 

Throughout this article, we will discuss the regulation size backboards for each type of basketball team and the other sizes that backboards can be purchased in. Continue reading to discover which size you need. 

Basketball Backboard Dimensions

Basketball backboards can come in several different sizes and typically only 2 different shapes: rectangular and fan-shaped. There are rules for basketball games that require the backboards to be a regulation size and shape.

Throughout the remainder of this article, we will find out the regulation dimensions for these types of basketball leagues:

  • High School and Middle School
  • Youth Leagues

With the help of this guide, you will quickly find out which size basketball backboard you should be practicing with to be the best basketball player you can be. 

What Are the Dimensions for NBA Basketball Backboards?

The National Basketball Association has many rules and regulations that must be followed in order for the game to run smoothly and fairly. Along with the rules of playing, the NBA has rules for what size the backboards must be for games:

  • The regulation dimensions for NBA backboards is 72 inches wide by 42 inches high with a small white rectangle on the inside that is 24 inches high by 18 inches tall.
  • The regulation shape for NBA backboards is rectangular, which means fan-shaped backboards are not allowed.  
  • The rim on the backboard has a diameter of 18 inches, and the rim must be exactly 10 feet above the court. The net on the rim is anywhere from 15 to 18 inches long. 

These backboards are typically made out of Plexiglass, so that they do not crack or shatter when taking a beating from basketballs and basketball players. The Plexiglass also makes for a much stronger material that can easily withstand moments when players are delivering slam dunks. 

These regulations also apply for the Women’s National Basketball Association, National Collegiate Athletic Association, and the International Basketball Federation, otherwise known as WNBA, NCAA, and FIBA. 

What Are the Dimensions for High School, Middle School, and Other Basketball Backboards?

Now that we know exactly what the regulation backboard dimensions are, do other leagues like high school and middle school basketball teams have to follow the same rules?

The regulation dimensions for high school and middle school teams are the same dimensions as the NBA and other higher up basketball leagues. The only difference is that the high school and middle school teams play on a smaller court than the higher leagues. 

The reason why the backboard regulations are the same is because it is best for younger children and adults to practice on the same size backboard to help them become more familiar with where they should be aiming the basketball on the backboard.  

The height of the rim and backboard will also help them get used to shooting the ball at that height. 

For youth leagues, there is not a standard regulation for the size of the backboard. Since youth leagues will typically play in the same gyms as high school and middle school basketball teams, the backboards will be the same size.

With that being said, the entire backboard will usually be lowered so that the rim is 8 or 9 feet above the court for children that are 8 to 11 years old. This helps them perfect their shooting form before they move on to a higher rim. 

What Different Sizes Are There to Choose from When Looking for Basketball Backboards?

The regulation sizes for basketball backboards will help a player perfect their shooting skills while on their way to the big leagues, but not everyone is interested in professional regulations.

Some people would just like to have a basketball goal at their home that children and adults of all shapes and sizes can play a game with. We are aware of what the regulation dimensions are for the NBA, WNBA, NCAA, and FIBA, but what are the differences sizes you can choose from when you want to buy one for your home?

Here are the different sized basketball backboards you will see when you are looking to purchase one:

  • Small-sized basketball backboards are 44 to 48 inches wide. 
  • Medium-sized basketball backboards are 50 to 54 inches wide.
  • Large-sized basketball backboards are 60 to 72 inches wide.

Now, we will look into the exact dimensions for each of these backboards and how to choose the right size for your home. 

Small Basketball Backboard Sizes and Dimensions

Small basketball backboards are either 44 inches or 48 inches wide. The backboards that are 44 inches wide are 29 inches in height, while the ones that are 48 inches wide are 30 inches in height.

Both of these sizes are available as a wall-mount, portable, or in-ground basketball goal or backboard. 

The small backboards are definitely the cheaper option when choosing between the other sizes but may not be suitable for a family who plays serious basketball games as the materials that they are made of are not as strong as Plexiglass or tempered glass.

Small-sized backboards are usually made of plastic, acrylic, or polycarbonate.

Here are some examples of small backboards:

These backboards are great for a family that just wants to shoot a few hoops and teach their children how to play a new sport.

Medium-Sized Basketball Backboards

Medium-sized basketball backboards can be 50 inches or 54 inches wide. The heights of these backboards will vary depending on the brand you buy which will be anywhere from 30 to 34 inches in height.

You can also choose to purchase a medium-sized backboard as a wall-mount, portable, or in-ground basketball goal. 

Here are some examples of medium-sized backboards:

These backboards start to get a little more expensive when you choose a tempered glass material but might be worth it if you are looking for a strong and durable basketball goal.

Large Basketball Backboards

Large-sized basketball backboards are either 60 inches wide or 72 inches wide. The 60 inch backboards have a height of 36 inches while most of the 72 inch backboards have a height of 42 inches. 

Since you are starting to get into the regulation sizes, you can expect the prices to be much higher than the backboards listed above. All of the large backboards are made with tempered glass and heavy duty rims so that they will last a long time.

Here are some examples of large basketball backboards:

If you plan on having serious basketball games everyday or are looking to practice, constantly, then the large basketball backboards are the way to go. 


In conclusion, basketball backboards can come in all shapes and a couple of different sizes. 

The regulation dimensions for mostly all basketball leagues is a rectangular backboard that is 72 inches wide by 42 inches high. If that is something that you do not care about, then you can purchase a 44, 48, 50, 54, or 60 inch wide backboard.

Making sure you have the right backboard at the right height is the best way to practice and become a great basketball player.


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